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Short Term Loans and Instalment Loans of up to £1000!

I'd like to borrow
I'll repay inover
14 days
on the
  • Feb 99th 9999 £999.99
Borrowing £265 for 14 days
Interest Rate 292% pa (fixed)
Interest £29.68
Total Repayable £294.68
To repay byTo repay in full by:

This is a bank holiday, are you sure you can repay on this date?

Representative 1270%APR

Representative Example

Amount of credit £250.00 for 30 days
Total amount payable £310.00
Interest rate 292% (fixed)
Interest £60.00

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Why choose PiggyBank?

  • Direct Lender
  • No Payout Fee
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Fast Online Application
  • Multiple Repayment Options
  • 100% UK Based
  • Fully Authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority

Why Choose Us?


We’re an open book.

PiggyBank puts you in control of your loan. Using our online loan calculator you can choose the amount you wish to borrow and over what term. The calculator will show you a full breakdown of your loan, how much you should expect to pay back in total, and on which dates.

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Anytime. Anywhere.

We've built PiggyBank to work at anytime and on any device. So no matter what your circumstance, we're available to help.

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The price of greatness is responsibility.

At PiggyBank we pride ourselves on being a responsible lender. By this we mean we only lend to people who can afford to repay their loan without putting themselves in any financial difficulty. If our affordability checks suggest that a borrower may struggle to afford their loan, we will not lend to them.

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Good service by PiggyBank
Trusted Customer 03/01/2017
Short Term Loan
Nice and quick service thanks
Excellent service by PiggyBank
Joe Hardingham 30/12/2016
Short Term Loan
Easy and quick. Will use again.
Easy to navigate website. Clear payment schedule. Will use again
Trusted Customer 30/12/2016
Short Term Loan
Straight forward borrowing
Smart and straight to the point
Trusted Customer 29/12/2016
Short Term Loan
Very good front end and great customer service - helped me out with a very short term issue. In a market where, perhaps, other lenders credibility is questionable everything felt good and professional about Piggy Bank..
Excellent service by PiggyBank
Vladimir Gajdos 29/12/2016
Short Term Loan
Fantastic service very fast straight forward very happy
Excellent service by PiggyBank
James Smith 26/12/2016
Short Term Loan
Excellent service by PiggyBank
Terence Russell 23/12/2016
Short Term Loan
very easy and friendly
Excellent service by PiggyBank
Radoslaw Moson 18/12/2016
Short Term Loan
Piggybank it's a excelent lender....
Quick and easy
Trusted Customer 17/12/2016
Short Term Loan
Quick payout easy process and very ergonomic website

PiggyBank Short Term Loans

PiggyBank provides transparent and simple short term loans, payday loans and instalment loans from £100 to £1000 for new customers, and up to £1,500 for returning customers. We're a short term lender, short term lending, but much more human.

PiggyBank short term loans are an online solution to cover an unforeseen expense, like a bill or a problem with a car, or can be used as a short term financial buffer until your next payday. Our short term loans are flexible and can be taken from 7 to 35 days. If you need your money for a bit longer, you can apply for an instalment loan, which splits your repayments over a two to five month period. The loans can be paid back early to save on interest, giving a flexible solution for your short term cash needs.

We make sure that you can see exactly how much your loan will cost you to payback BEFORE you make a decision about your loan. And you can payback your loan early and at any time with no hidden fees or charges.

Although you don't need to have a perfect credit history for a PiggyBank loan, we will only provide loans to people that can afford our loans. Our 100% online system will assess your recent credit history, your affordability for the short term loan that you are applying for and numerous other factors to ensure that we are treating our customers fairly and lending with forbearance.

If you are accepted for a PiggyBank short term loan, we will make sure that we contact you up to five days before your agreed repayment day or the day your instalment is due to make sure nothing has changed in your circumstances and to remind you that if you payback early, you will save on interest.

If your circumstances have changed, we will work with you to freeze interest and charges and get your loan balance cleared as quickly as possible, while still treating you fairly.

Simple as that.

Before you take out a PiggyBank short term or instalment loan, you need to ask yourself whether borrowing money is the right thing for you. If you can cut down on your spending or put off buying something until you’ve saved for it, do that. If you are borrowing money to make repayments on other loans and debts, you may be in a vicious circle and it might not be the best thing to do. If you think you need help with your debts, you can contact the Step Change Debt Charity service at www.stepchange.org

Payday Loans

A payday loan is a small short term loan which is generally taken out to cover an unforeseen circumstance. A payday loan is usually paid back on the borrower's next pay date. Typically you can borrow from £100 up to £400. Here is how a PiggyBank payday loan works.

  • A PiggyBank payday loan can be taken out for 7 to 35 days
  • You can borrow from £100 up to £400
  • The interest is charged at 0.8% per day per £100.
  • If you repay early you will save interest.

Short Term Loans

A short term loan is usually taken out over a 1-3 month period. Short term loans are intended to cover an unforeseen circumstance. Typically you can borrow from £100 up to £1000.

If you can not pay back a loan within one month then an instalment loan is there to help you spread the cost of your loan.

Here is how a PiggyBank instalment loan works.

  • A PiggyBank instalment loan can be taken out from 2 to 5 months.
  • With a PiggyBank instalment loan you can borrow between £150 and £1000
  • The interest is charged at the same rate as a PiggyBank instalment loan at 0.8% per day per £100 borrowed.
  • If you repay your instalment loan early you will save interest

There are a few things you need to look for when choosing a lender. There are many payday and short term loan companies that can help you with your unforeseen circumstance however it is important that you look for the following things;

  • Make sure you know if are applying with a direct lender or a broker. A broker must make it clear that they do not make lending decisions and that they only pass your details to direct lenders.
  • All lenders in the UK must be authorised by the financial conduct authority. You can check the register here. Simply type in the company name or the FCA registered number which should be at the bottom of the lenders home page and you will be presented with the details of the company.
  • Lenders must provide you with ways to contact them if you have any questions or issues. That includes a telephone number and an email address or contact form.
  • Before you accept the terms of a loan, all lenders must advise you how much the loan will cost including interest and the date you are due to repay your loan

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