WARNING: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to: moneyadviceservice.org.uk

30 Day Loans

An unexpected cost can happen to anyone, and it can sometimes leave you without enough money to cover your other monthly expenses until payday. Fortunately these essential expenses can be covered with a short term loan that can be repaid within 30 days, or until you have had your next payday. PiggyBank offers convenient one month loans so you will not have to pay excessively accrued interest and so you can settle your borrowed amount quickly.

What Are 30 Day Loans For?

A loan that can be repaid within 30 days or around 1 month could be used for an emergency household bill, or a car repair. A small loan with PiggyBank is suitable for someone who needs access to cash before payday and would rather repay the money in one amount.

Traditional banks are often less flexible with lending small amounts of money over a short period of time, and some people are unable to obtain conventional forms of credit. On top of this, some unarranged overdrafts have been found to cost several times more than many payday lenders.

How Do You Apply For A One Month Loan?

At PiggyBank we have made it simple to select how much you need to borrow and when you’re able to pay the loan back. Use our interactive loan calculator to select the number of days you’d like to repay in and you’ll be able to see how this will change the interest. If you decide you need the loan for longer than 30 days, you can also repay in instalments between 2 - 5 months.

Once you’ve decided on the loan term, click apply and fill in our simple online application. You won’t need to call us, our application process is 100% online and can completed on your mobile. Before you finish your application, we’ll show you exactly how much you’re borrowing and when you’ll need to repay by.

We aim to give a loan decision on the same day, and if approved can transfer the funds to you in 1 hour. You are also able to repay the loan in full early, so you can save yourself money on accrued interest.

Are You Eligible?

To be able to apply for a loan with PiggyBank, you must be over the age of 18 and be in part or full time employment. You will need to be a UK resident and own a valid bank account for us to pay your funds into.

As a responsible lender we must credit check every individual’s application. We must evaluate your recent credit history and affordability details to ensure that you will be able to comfortably make the agreed repayments.

You do not need to have a flawless credit history to be approved for a loan - we assess every person’s situation. People with bad or no credit history are less likely to be accepted by lenders as it suggests they have not been able to manage their credit in the past or have not taken out any at all. PiggyBank look at a number of factors other than your credit history, including current employment and monthly outgoings and incomings, which will help us to determine if you are eligible. You can find out more about your eligibility on our website.

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