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  • Feb 99th 9999 £999.99
Borrowing £265
Interest Rate 292% pa (fixed)
Interest £29.68
Total Repayable £294.68
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Representative 1270%APR

Minimum 1255%APR

Maximum 1698.1%APR

Representative Example

Amount of credit £250.00 for 30 days
Total amount payable £310.00
Interest rate 292% (fixed)
Interest £60.00

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Why Choose PiggyBank?

Feefo Gold Trusted Service
  • Direct Lender
  • No Payout Fee
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  • Fast Online Application
  • Multiple Repayment Options
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The world of online borrowing can be confusing with so many options available. At PiggyBank, we try to be as transparent as possible, and let you know how much you’ll be repaying before you even apply. We’re also flexible - you can choose weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments, depending on your payday.

Online loans allow you to borrow the money you need for an unexpected expense. In an emergency situation, you may not have the time to speak on the phone or fill in paperwork, so we’ve made our whole process 100% online.

PiggyBank offer payday loans between £100 and £400 for smaller expenses, and for those looking to borrow up to £1000, we also have the option of instalment loans. These can be repaid over two to five months. You can also save money in interest if you choose to pay back early - there’s no fee for doing this.

Why Might You Need An Online Loan?

Online loans are generally short term loans. With larger loans, through a bank or building society, you may have to go in branch to apply. Payday lenders, or those offering smaller instalment loans, typically let you apply completely online.

If you have an emergency bill or cost, you’d require quick cash to allow you to pay it. A long application process with loads of hoops to jump through is the last thing you’d need. Banks can also take up to 3 days to transfer the funds. If you had a burst pipe, for instance, you couldn’t afford to wait days for the money to be transfered.

If the unexpected happens, you can apply for a PiggyBank loan and expect to receive your money the same day. If approved, we aim to pay out within an hour.

Are There Online Bad Credit Loans?

It can be more difficult to find loans for people with bad credit. There is more of a risk involved for the lender if there are negative marks on your credit file, as it could mean you were unable to manage your money well in the past. Your credit history stays on your credit file for six years, so even if you made a payment late years ago, it could still impact your ability to take out credit,

PiggyBank do offer payday and instalment loans for those with bad credit, as your credit file isn’t the only thing we look at. We also take into consideration your income and expenditure, as well as your employment information.

If you’re not sure if you have good or poor credit, you can check for free with companies like Noddle.

Before you take out a loan though, it’s important to consider whether borrowing is the most suitable option. If you are able to save up for what you need, this is a good choice, as it will be interest free. Borrowing to pay back other credit is never a good option, as this could lead to a cycle of debt. If you think you may need help or advice with your finances, you can contact Step Change or the Citizens Advice Bureau for free.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for an online loan with PiggyBank, you’ll need to be aged 18 or over. You’ll also need to live and work part time or full time in the UK. We do ask that you have a bank account, so that we can transfer the loan into it.

You can find more information about our eligibility criteria here. If you have any questions about our lending terms or about applying, you can contact us directly. You can call us on freephone 0800 206 1560, or email applications@piggy-bank.co.uk.

Other Things To Consider

When looking for a loan online, it’s a good idea to check if you are working with a direct lender like PiggyBank, or with a broker. Brokers will pass on your details to direct lenders, and can charge a fee for their service.

If you’re searching for the best quick loans online, you may also wish to use comparison sites like Money Guru. To see what other customers are saying, you can also check out the companies’ Feefo reviews. You can find PiggyBank’s reviews here.

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