Switch Energy Suppliers and Save Money!

2 Minutes Read

Here at PiggyBank we are always doing our best to help our valued customers save money. Whether it’s in the form of a helpful short term loan or just some friendly advice, we like to think we are there for you when you need us. In this post, we present some tips on how to save money by switching your current energy suppliers – and it is probably easier than you think!

Why Switch?

There are thousands of householders who are paying too much for their energy bills and we don’t think this is right. Why should you pay an extra £200 per year for exactly the same product?

Get Started

Go to a decent price comparison website and fill in your details; you will soon find all manner of suppliers who would love your business. Look at the options, go to the supplier website – and start looking at a plan that suits your needs.

Enjoy the Savings

Your new chosen supplier will do all of the necessary switching details, and all you need to do is sit back and count the money you are saving. You will get a final bill from your original supplier, and once this is paid, you will have no more contact with them.

Here at PiggyBank we like to think that our customers are always number one. You should never feel guilty about switching supplier; you may even switch back to your original supplier in a year or so – if they get their act together and lower their tariff considerably!