How to Cut Back During the Winter Months

2 Minutes Read

The party season has well and truly left the building and it’s now time to reduce the hefty burden of its aftermath both physically and financially. With a seemingly freezing winter still gnawing away at us, it seems impossible not to have the hurting on full blast 24/7. Of course this just increases the cost of our monthly outgoings making it even harder to get back on top. However there are a few things you can do to help cut costs in other ways.


  • Plan your weekly meals and shop only for these and stick to a budget, it will make impulse buys less likely, sticking to a shopping list will work wonders
  • Consider buying unbranded goods, they are great value and rarely compromise on flavour. Some of the cheaper supermarkets have outstanding offers
  • Take advantage of the daily bargains and buy one get one frees
  • Use your coupons and accumulated advantage points, as the saying goes, every little helps

Gas and electricity

  • Look at paying your bill by direct debit, paperless billing and online statements are not charged to your account. This can provide a saving of up to £2-4 per month, if this amount was saved across every household bill then over the course of the year you could save an average of £100
  • If you use the same supplier for both gas and electric check if you are eligible for a dual fuel discount
  • Draft excluders and insulation are practical ways of keeping the cold air creeping in and could reduce your consumption or the amount of time you have your heating on for