5 Great Ways to Save Money on Your Car

3 Minutes Read

Cars are expensive things. Whether it’s buying them, getting insured or maintaining them. All year round they are costing us money. But are there ways to save money on your car? Of course there is, but what are they?

Here are PiggyBank’s top tips for saving money on your car:

  1. Switch your car insurance – When your car insurance is up for renewal, do a little research on a comparison site to see if you can get your car insurance cheaper. Money Supermarket and Compare The Market will search hundreds of deals. You never know you might end up saving hundreds of pounds
  2. Pump up your tyres. It might seem strange but keeping your tyres inflated your car will use less fuel. Check your tyres every couple of months to make sure the tyre pressure is just right. If you are unsure of this check out some youtube videos to help you out.
  3. Drive the speed limit. Boring but safe and also a money saver. By driving the speed limit you are using less revs and this will save you money and means you will be a safer driver.
  4. Drive less. This sounds silly but there is some sense to driving less. Not driving to your local shop and walking or riding a bike will save you money because every time you start the engine it uses more fuel. It also means you will get a bit of exercise done at the same time.
  5. Car Share.  Possibly one of the most underrated options and best ways to save money. Car sharing with at least one more person can save you a small fortune on fuel in some cases you could end up paying less than half of what you were paying on your journey to work every week.

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