How To Keep Your Kids Entertained On a Budget This Easter


The school holidays are upon us and you are anticipating an expensive time. But there are plenty of activities that you can do with your children that require very little money at all. If you want quality family time without draining your bank account, here are some ideas that you can use this Easter to keep your kids entertained through the holidays.

1. Take a Trip to the Local Museum

Free museums in the UK make for a great family day out. Many of the National Museums are packed full of hands on exhibitions that are child friendly. Not only will your kids have fun but they will also learn and this keeps their brain stimulated even away from school.

2. Go for a Walk in the Park

If the weather is good then take the opportunity to go somewhere green. A local park, whether it be a playground or a public garden is a great idea and does not cost a penny. Your kids will be able to run around and expend a lot of energy, and the fresh air is great for both your health and theirs.

3. Let them Lose in the Kitchen

Get some baking on the go and let the kids get involved. Let them pick an easy recipe and make something they will enjoy eating. They not only can bake the treats but decorate them too. It is both a fun and creative activity that can easily be done on a budget.

4. Get Creative at Home

There are so many craft ideas for children that are cheap or even free. Recycling is a great place to start. Grab left over milk bottles, cereal boxes, egg cartons and whatever else is lying around. All you need is some paint and glue and your child’s imagination can run wild. Try introducing a theme. Maybe you could make robots, or rockets or castles. Model making is a great activity that is cheap too. Look online for other fun, free craft ideas.

5. Have a Movie Night

Going out to the cinema is an expensive affair, so try transforming your own living room into a film theatre. Grab beanbags, cushions and comfy chairs. Dim the lights and get the popcorn, drinks and snacks on the go. Even a film your kids have seen a hundred times can be novel in the right setting.

6. Visit the Local Library

If your children like to read, get down to the local library. Let your kids have all the time they want to pick out a pile of books. Not only does the trip out entertain them for a couple of hours, but there are plenty more hours of reading to enjoy afterwards. You can make reading more fun at home by building a den or a fort for reading in. Use a couple of chairs and some sheets and read by torch light for an exciting reading experience.


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