Producing a Budget

Budget production is vital in keeping a financial house in order. Before commencing to produce a budget, its important to note that in order to succeed, you have to provide as much detailed information. If you do this, at the end you will know where your money is coming from, how much is there and where it is going.

In budget production, you need to gather every financial statement such as the bank statements and other information concerning the source of income. To do this, you need to create a monthly average so that you can dig up more information. Record all your sources of income. It does not matter whether you are self employed or you have a regular pay check where taxes are deducted. Use the net income. In short, record all the total income as a monthly amount.

After recording all the sources of your income, you need to create a list of the monthly expenses. This involves noting down all your expected expenses that you are planning to incur in a month. Note down essentially everything you spend on such as groceries, mortgages or even utilities. When done with this, break the expenses in to two categories. These are the fixed category and variable category. Fixed expenses are those that you are required to pay each and every month while variable expenses are those that vary from month to month.

Total up your monthly income and the monthly expenses. Check on whether your monthly income is more than your monthly expenses. If so, that is good news but if the monthly expenses are more than the monthly income, that is bad news as you will have some deficits. Prioritize on the areas that are important first and proceed to the less important. A higher expense column means you have to make some amendments to your budget. Your main goal should be to make your income and expenditure to be equal. If they are not, make some adjustments to the expenses and look at the variable expenses. Ensure that you review you budget monthly to ensure you are right on track.


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