Top Energy Saving Tips

2 Minutes Read

Shaving off the pounds on our bills is on everyone’s agenda, especially during winter. Here are a few ways of making your home more energy efficient.

  1. We lose so much heat through the walls and roof of our home, approximately a third, so insulating them is paramount. Install cavity wall insulation and loft insulation and watch those bills decrease substantially.
  2. Energy saving light bulbs are a must too, they last approximately 12 times longer than an ordinary bulb.
  3. If you have the spare cash then look at replacing your boiler if it is old. Get an A-rated high-efficiency condensing boiler. According to various money saving forums, 60% of what we spend on our energy bills every year comes from a boiler, so a more effective one could really save the pounds. If you are on certain benefits or are disabled there are grants available for new boilers, so always check out what you may be entitled too.
  4. Turning down your thermostat can also make a difference, just 1 degree can reduce a heating bill by around 10%.
  5. Don’t leave any electrical appliances on standby, switch them off at the plug. So always disconnect your laptop from the power source once it is fully charged.
  6. Get any dripping hot water taps fixed and insulate your water tank too.
  7. Draught proof any doors and windows, your home will feel cosier and not let out all the heat that you are paying for into the outside world.