Check Out These Hacks To Stay Warm This Winter!

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The ‘Beast from the East’ has hit the UK with extreme weather this week, causing disruption in many parts of the UK. However in smaller pockets of the UK, particularly the South, are simply suffering from the falling temperatures and are poking fun at our country’s inability to cope with a bit of snow.

While some of us might not wake up to a blanket of snow, it is still extremely cold- here’s our tips and tricks to keep warm in these sub-zero temperatures!

Wrap up

This may seem obvious but the more layers you have, the warmer you will be. There’s no shame in looking like the Michelin Man around the house in order to keep warm.


Keep blankets and throws handy to wrap around you when the temperature drops. Pets are walking radiators, if you’re a pet lover grab all of your cats and dogs and give them a cuddle!

You may not know this, but you have been using a hot water bottle wrong your whole life.  Most people hold a hot water bottle close to their chest or stomach but according to research, to feel the full effects of it you need to grip the bottle in between your thighs. This is because it heats the blood located in your major femoral arteries which then circulate around the body.

Stop The Heat Escaping

Wrap a large cardboard sheet with regular tinfoil and sticking it behind the radiator will reflect the heat back into the room. If you don’t fancy get crafty, you can also buy them. 

Try to close off the rooms in your house that you’re not using, then if there are any draughty windows or doors lay down draught-excluders. You can simply make a draught excluder by filling a pair of tights with rolled up socks if you don’t want to buy one!

When the sun is (rarely) out, make sure you open the curtains to let the light through. When its gone or set, draw them again so the heat can’t escape. You can even get thermal curtains!

Make the most of the heat

When you take a shower, leave the door open to allow the hot steamy air travel through your house. Perhaps avoid this one if you have a house share.

You can do the same with your oven, once you’ve finished making something, leave the door open to allow the generated heat to fill the kitchen.