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Continuous Payment Authority

Continuous Payment Authority (CPA) authorises a business to withdraw money from a customer’s account without having to seek repeat authorisation. You should read section 3 of your Loan Conditions before you sign the agreement.

When and How We Will Use Continuous Payment Authority (CPA)

We will collect your repayment on the date(s) chosen by you, when the loan was applied for and approved, by using Continuous Payment Authority. We will collect this payment by debiting the debit card you have registered with us at anytime from 3am on the agreed repayment date and therefore you must ensure there are sufficient funds in the account to cover payment by 3am on the agreed repayment date.

If the payment fails on the date you have chosen we will try to contact you to find out what has gone wrong and work with you if something has changed. If we do not hear from you then we will attempt your payment a second time using CPA within thirty one days of your repayment due date.

If you have provided us with details of a second debit card and we are unsuccessful in collecting payment from the first debit card, we may seek payment from the second debit card however we would not use CPA more than twice for each payment that is due unless agreed with you.

How To Cancel Your Continuous Payment Authority

You can stop us doing this by contacting us as well as your bank. It can take a matter of days for the bank to notify us of any cancellation so it is important you contact us as well to avoid your payment being collected by CPA.

If you cancel your CPA with us you must contact us to arrange another way to repay to avoid incurring a £15 arrears charge and a missed payment marker on your credit file.

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