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What Our Customers Say


“Gave me a chance when other lenders wouldn't!

They accepted me based on my ability to repay, not an arbitrary number/score. I had a very poor credit history due to a recent job change and high borrowing over the christmas period, even though I always repaid my credit on time I was turned down by other lenders that were happy to lend to me previously, but let me down when I had an emergency cash shortage. The sign up process took less than half an hour and the application was straightforward with easy to understand fees and terms.

I have borrowed 100 pounds for only one week which has cost me just over 5 pounds! That is not the extortionate amount you would expect based on common misconceptions on short term loans! When used correctly and paid on time, they can really help people out in emergencies!”


“Short-term loans aren’t something I ever want to rely on. But when I absolutely positively have to get my hands on some cash at short notice I want the experience to be as pain-free as possible, which is why I prefer PiggyBank.

If I need a few quid a week or so ahead of payday because of a sudden bill, surprise event, or to avoid missing a direct debit, the cost is pretty minimal; the website is clear and informative; and the display of repayment terms and interest is the clearest I’ve found. The personal contact from customer services ahead of the repayment date is unique in my experience and emails and text reminders come across as helpful, rather than the narky tone you often get from other lenders. No need to keep the need for a cash bump secret but you don’t want to shout it from the rooftops either, so the ability to opt-out of other forms of contact and marketing helps avoid any embarrassment.

I can’t say I’ve always found applications to be as successful as I’d like but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’ll be totally honest and say I’d rather not need a relationship with a short-term lender; but when circumstances make it unavoidable, you could do a lot, LOT worse than PiggyBank.”


“I have tried for short term loans before with NO success whatsoever!!

The other companies seemed more interested in my what my credit history used to look like..and not what it looks now. So when I needed a loan to fix my car I was not looking forward to going through the process of looking for a loan. However Piggybank were genuinely amazing.

I applied on a Sunday afternoon, the form took around 5 minutes in total. I was sent an email instantly informing me of what would happen.(ie it would go to their processing department to be looked at,and a decision would be sent to me that afternoon). I actually heard I had been accepted within a few minutes, and the money was in my account within a couple of hours even on a Sunday. I was delighted with the amount I had to pay back which was actually far cheaper than I had anticipated for a short term loan. I have paid my loan back now and I am absolutely delighted to know that should I find myself needing a loan again that Piggybank are fast, value for money, and are so simple to use.

Thanks Piggybank”

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  • Fast Online Application
  • Multiple Repayment Options
  • 100% UK Based
  • Fully Authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority
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Lee Williams 13/10/2019
Short Term Loan
Cool and fast and the best
Trusted Customer 19/09/2019
Short Term Loan
Easy and very accommodating
Emelina Aukstuleviciene 14/08/2019
Short Term Loan
Everything is very convenient and fast
Trusted Customer 16/05/2019
Short Term Loan
Trusted Customer 10/05/2019
Short Term Loan
Trusted Customer 09/05/2019
Short Term Loan
Carl Gregory 09/05/2019
Short Term Loan
I was able to settle my debt early at a reduced rate 😁
Bridget Coatham 08/05/2019
Short Term Loan
Quick payment and affordable
Trusted Customer 08/05/2019
Short Term Loan
Received the money in no time
Russell Turner 07/05/2019
Short Term Loan