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Important Information

While we were away, we implemented numerous changes to our application process to make things a little bit easier for you. Read on to find out more...

Open Banking

We have partnered with Credit Kudos, which is enabling us to use open banking. This will now allow us to get more detailed information about your transactional history. Previously without this information, you may have been declined, due to lack of information or credit history. However, by implementing this technology we hope it will help to improve our decision making process, so we can be fairer to our customers.

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(Even) More Mobile Friendly

We've re-designed a number of input controls with a focus on fewer taps/clicks, while also showing more contextual detail. For example, a preview of the changes to how the job position field functions can be seen by typing 'hello' in the box above.

More Convenient

Using the new 'breadcrumb' control you can now jump back and fourth between different pages of the application process, at any point without losing your progress or needing to restart, and review or change your details, your chosen loan amount, or your loans duration.

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Simpler Application Process

Instead of one long, initimidating, application page, we've broken it up into 5 distinct sections. The new structure will, once you've completed the first page, allow you to leave or resume your application at any time, on any device, just by logging in again!

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...And That's Not All

We've not just been making it easier for you to apply for a loan, we've also been very hard at work overhauling the PiggyBank account area, the changes aren't quite ready yet to be shown off publicly, but they'll consist of a very wide range of usability improvements, a cleaner, more intuitive, interface, and several new self-service features that will make it easier than ever for you to manage and control your PiggyBank loan.