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No Credit Check Loans

Wanting a loan but would prefer not to have your credit checked? You can choose a no credit check loan. This means that your credit rating won’t be checked by a lender or broker. However, they still need to make sure that the amount you borrow will be repaid so they may carry out an identity check to check for bankruptcy or an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA).

Why No Credit Check Loans?

People may decide to take out a no credit check loan due to a number of reasons:

  • Privacy – When lenders or brokers carry out a credit rating report check on someone who wants to borrow money, the process may feel invasive and time consuming.
  • Improving Credit Status – A successful payback of the loan can build a good credit rating.
  • Bad Credit History - Some people may have a poor credit history while some may have none at all.

Points to Investigate

Interest charges – A no credit check loan will charge interest.

Length of loan - These are short -term loans designed to reduce the time the lender is at risk of loan defaults.

Small loan amounts – If you choose not to have your credit rating checked, it’s likely you’ll only be able to borrow a small loan – no more than £1000. This is because lenders consider it a risk to provide larger loans to people with no collateral and only lend to people they think can afford to repay on time.

If you want to learn more about improving your credit rate and managing your money visit the Money Advice Service.

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