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Short Term Loan Lenders No Credit Check

Short term lenders - no credit check are loans that can be obtained from lenders that do not require a credit check. Most online lenders will perform credit checks however there may be some lenders who are able to assess your suitability for loan without performing a credit check. They may have to check your identity. These lenders may request bank statements and go through a more thorough income and expenditure to ensure you can afford to pay back a loan. A number of high street lenders will not need to perform a credit check and will speak to the customer face to face. They will go through an income and expenditure and may require your previous bank statements.

How long are short term loans and how much can I borrow?

Typically, short term loans can range from 1 month up to 12 months. Most lenders will allow you to repay your loan early and therefore save interest. Most lenders lend from £100 up to £1000, however there are some lenders who can lend up to £2500 for a first time loan. It is important that you always check the terms and conditions of your agreement before you take a loan with any lender.

Do PiggyBank perform credit checks?

Yes! PiggyBank will perform a credit check, a real time credit check (This will show your outstanding payday loans), more than one fraud check and we will also assess your income and expenditure before approving you for a loan. If you are approved we aim to pay out your money within an hour.

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