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Instalment Loans

We understand that you may not be able to repay some loans all in one go, but with a PiggyBank instalment loan, you can choose to repay in weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments.

What Is An Instalment Loan?

An instalment loan is a type of loan that is repaid with regularly scheduled payments— typically in weekly or monthly instalments. Each repayment includes a proportion of the loan amount borrowed, plus interest. Nearly all instalment loans are ‘fixed-rate’, meaning the interest rate charged over the term of the loan is the same, making it easier for the borrower to budget in advance. Common examples of instalment loans include mortgage and car finance.

How do Instalment Loans work?

Unlike payday loans which are short term loans intended to be repaid in full on your next payday, instalment loans allow you to spread repayments over a longer period of time - allowing you to manage your budget accordingly. With PiggyBank, you can borrow £150 to £1000, and spread repayments over 2 to 5 months. We also have the option of paying weekly, fortnightly or four-weekly. If you are looking for a shorter loan, or don’t need to borrow as much, you could consider payday loans.

Getting An Instalment Loan With Bad Credit

An instalment loan could be a good option if you have a bad credit score, especially if you’ve found it difficult to borrow money from traditional lenders like banks. Instalment loans for bad credit would be a good choice if the amount you are borrowing would be too difficult to pay back in one lump sum.  

You don’t need a perfect credit score to apply for a PiggyBank loan. As a direct instalment loan lender, PiggyBank will assess your income and expenses to make sure that you can afford to pay back the loan. We’ll also show you the total repayment amount before you sign the agreement.

The daily interest is the same for both our payday and instalment loans - 0.8%. As interest is applied daily, making early repayments, or any partial payments with an instalment loan can save you money in interest. Unlike with some loans, we won’t charge you for making any early payments.

What Are The Advantages of Instalment Loans?

Borrow Exactly How Much You Need

Most banks and building societies don’t offer small loans. If you’re only looking to borrow £1000 or less, you could end up borrowing more than you need and consequently pay more in interest. Whereas instalment loans from direct lenders are flexible and can easily be tailored to your specific needs in terms of the loan amount and the length of time that best matches your budget and ability to repay the loan.

Faster Than Other Loans

Similarly to payday loans, instalment loans are intended to cover unforeseen expenses. In these circumstances, it’s likely that you’ll need money quickly. The application is simple to complete and if approved are typically paid out the same day. Personal loans and guarantor loans can take several days or even weeks to pay out a loan. 

Manageable Repayment Options 

Instalment loans are usually a better choice if the amount you are borrowing would be difficult to pay back in one lump sum. An example of a large instalment loan is a mortgage, which for most people would be impossible to pay all at once. With a flexible PiggyBank loan, you can choose to repay your instalment loan over 2 to 5 months. 

No Borrowing From Friends And Family

If you don’t have the savings to cover an unexpected expense, there is also the option of asking to borrow money from family and friends, though few people do this. It can be embarrassing to discuss money with your friends and family, and they might not have the funds to lend you, even if they want to help. The quickest solution for an emergency loan is an instalment loan.

Responsible Instalment Lenders

When looking at short term loans, you may look into bad credit instalment loans. A lot of people believe that they have poor credit, but this doesn’t necessarily prevent them from applying for a loan. You don’t need a perfect credit score to apply for a PiggyBank loan, the loan just has to be affordable. As a responsible lender, PiggyBank will make sure that you can afford to pay back the loan. This can be more manageable with an instalment loan, as the payments are spread over up to 5 months.

Legislation has also been put in place over the last few years to mean that any UK based short term lender like PiggyBank has to lend responsibly and a limit was placed on interest. We are proud to be the first such lender to be fully authorised by the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

Short term lenders can only ever charge fees totalling to £15 and no more than 0.8% in daily interest. You’ll also never have to pay back more than twice what you borrow. Before you take out a short term loan, or even sign the agreement, the lender additionally has to tell you when you’ll be making your repayments, how much they’ll be, and the total to repay.

Before you take out a loan, you do need to ask yourself if it is the best option. Long term financial difficulty should not be a reason for taking out short term credit - this can lead to a debt spiral of more and more borrowing. Credit should also never be used to pay back other credit, as it can lead to similar issues. Companies such as Step Change can offer free impartial advice, if you wish to discuss your debts or finances.

Apply Now!

How Do You Repay?

You can choose to repay your instalment loan over 2 to 5 months, though you can make weekly, fortnightly, four-weekly or monthly payments - whichever is best for you..

Your payment will automatically be collected via the Continuous Payment Authority - we don’t collect by Direct Debit. If you’d rather pay by bank transfer though, just get in touch to ask for our details.

What's the Process?

Use the slider to choose your instalment loan amount - £150 up to £1000, and the length of the loan.

Complete our short simple application form. You’ll need your income and expense information, your debit card and your mobile to enter a mobile PIN.

Once we have this information we can go through our credit and affordability checks. If the loan is approved, we aim to pay the funds within an hour.

What if I Can't Repay?

We understand that sometimes things outside of your control happen, and you can’t make the agreed payment.

With an installment loan, you have the option of one term change. A term change would allow you to move your payments back by up to a month.

We also have other payment options we can discuss with you. We are here to help, and will work with you to put a resolution in place.