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I'd like to borrow
I'll repay inover
14 days
on the
  • Feb 99th 9999 £999.99
Borrowing £265
Interest Rate 292% pa (fixed)
Interest £29.68
Total Repayable £294.68
To repay byTo repay in full by:

This is a bank holiday, are you sure you can repay on this date?

Representative 1270%APR

Minimum 1255%APR

Maximum 1698.1%APR

Representative Example

Amount of credit £250.00 for 30 days
Total amount payable £310.00
Interest rate 292% (fixed)
Interest £60.00

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Mahmoud Najim 25/05/2018
Short Term Loan
Very good and flexible to pay back
Trusted Customer 24/05/2018
Short Term Loan
Compepetive rates You can settle earlier and pay only up to the date
Ovidiu Stelescu 23/05/2018
Short Term Loan
Interest a bit high but great help
Veselin Ivanov 22/05/2018
Short Term Loan
Shaun Fitzpatrick 21/05/2018
Short Term Loan
Trusted Customer 18/05/2018
Short Term Loan
Great service I would recomend...
Margaret Hughes 18/05/2018
Short Term Loan
Brilliant, quick service too, def best I’ve used yet
Magdalena Klosowska 18/05/2018
Short Term Loan
Perfect LOAN for me when I jesteś money
Trusted Customer 17/05/2018
Short Term Loan
Jordan Whyte 17/05/2018
Short Term Loan
Excellent servixe and would definitely use again.

Payday Loans with No Credit

Payday loans with no credit are more difficult to come by than regular loans but they are possible with PiggyBank.

There are a number of reasons why you may suddenly be in need of some financial help due to unforeseen bills or unexpected expenses, and worrying if you’ll be accepted for a short term loan due to your credit score can certainly add to the stress.

Even those with bad or no credit can apply for a PiggyBank loan, with clear repayment dates and amounts provided up-front. We are a responsible short term loan lender, and want to help those people with real financial difficulties overcome their problems.

There’s a simple reason why some people don’t have any credit - that they’ve never used any financial services that would allow them to build a credit score in the first place. This could include never taking out a personal loan, a credit card or store card, a loan for a car or a mortgage. Lots of people are in a position where they’ve never needed to borrow in the past, so have no credit. It’s not the same thing as having bad credit, but it can affect your chances of being approved for a loan.

For high street banks, it’s difficult to apply for a loan without any credit at all. For someone with bad credit, they’re able to explain how and why they have a bad credit score in the first place. High street banks have created the myth that if you have no credit score, you can’t borrow.

PiggyBank can work with those who are looking for a payday loan without credit. We do perform credit checks on every application, but we also look at a number of other factors too. These can include your current employment situation and your monthly incomings and outgoings. From there we can determine if you’re eligible for a payday loan without credit.

Typically, PiggyBank short term loans are taken out over a 7 day to 5 month period, borrowing £100 to £1,000. Our easy to use loan calculator provides you with a full breakdown of your loan, including how much you’ll be paying back and when. We pride ourselves on being responsible, which means we’ll only lend to people who can repay without putting themselves in financial difficulty. Need more information? get in touch!

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