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Short Term Loans and Instalment Loans of up to £1000!

I'd like to borrow
I'll repay inover
14 days
on the
  • Feb 99th 9999 £999.99
Borrowing £265
Interest Rate 292% pa (fixed)
Interest £29.68
Total Repayable £294.68
To repay byTo repay in full by:

This is a bank holiday, are you sure you can repay on this date?

Representative 1270%APR

Minimum 1255%APR

Maximum 1698.1%APR

Representative Example

Amount of credit £250.00 for 30 days
Total amount payable £310.00
Interest rate 292% (fixed)
Interest £60.00

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Why Choose PiggyBank?

Feefo Gold Trusted Service
  • Direct Lender
  • No Payout Fee
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Fast Online Application
  • Multiple Repayment Options
  • 100% UK Based
  • Fully Authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority

Direct Lender Loans

Within the world of payday loan providers there are often brokers that can help find funds for borrowers - for a fee or commission.

PiggyBank are a short term loan lender and not a broker. We can deposit the loan amount directly into your bank account (usually within an hour of a successful application). PiggyBank offer short term loans from £100 up to £1,000. We also offer a lot of flexibility with repayment periods, allowing you to repay from 7 days up to 5 months - it’s entirely up to you.

So, if you’re looking for short term financial relief in order to pay off an unforeseen expense such as money to fix your car or damage to your home, or you just need that extra bit of cash to tide you over until your next payday, PiggyBank is here to help as a direct short term loan lender and not a broker. Not sure if you’re eligible for a PiggyBank loan? Take a look at our eligibility page.

PiggyBank provide short term loans for our customers direct. We do not offer a broker service and will only deal directly with those individuals who apply directly with us, meaning we don’t charge any broker fees or commissions. Our process is a simple and straightforward one. All you have to do use our online loan calculator on the homepage of our website. You can use sliders to select your loan amount and the repayment period.

There are never any hidden fees if you borrow with PiggyBank. We provide a full breakdown of exactly what you’ll be borrowing, what you’ll be repaying and when you have to repay it.

We’re also here to help you. There’s no need to panic if your financial circumstances change in the future. The PiggyBank team is always happy to help, and we would ask that you get in touch with us as soon as possible and we’ll look at all options to try and help you.

As a short term loan lender and not a broker, PiggyBank has all the tools at hand to assist you with your short term financial woes, offering flexible and fair payday loans as part of our responsible lending culture. We look forward to helping you.

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Dawn Murtha 17/08/2018
Short Term Loan
Great service.simple and straight forward
Trusted Customer 17/08/2018
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Very quick and easy to use
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Short Term Loan
Good rate for short term.
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Short Term Loan
Clear rates and option to roll over very useful. Have used a few times now woukd highly recommend
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Short Term Loan
Good service and catered for my needs
Peter Rosenberger 11/08/2018
Short Term Loan
easy and fast money to bank
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